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  1. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    Thanks for the insight. I have got to do much more resaerch, but I feel a little more prepared.
  2. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    I am reading over the FAQ now. Will probably spend a good while in there. There is a lot of useful information. One other question. I agree the portfolio would be a much greater area for me to focus now in life. However, what if I prepare my portfolio while I pursue the degree?
  3. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    Yes i dropped.out of school several years ago. It has taken me a long while to get at least some things straightened out. However, i still have a long road ahead. I am at this moment the sole provider at my home, which is with my parents. Since neither of them can find work. I am just burnt out on my current job, but i cannot afford to quit and go back to school. I apologize for posting in the wrong section. I have spent little time off and on studying different parts of game development, truthfully i would like the opportunity to learn more programming. I may have started too late though. I am approaching 30 and I just want to do something more. Yes, I have played video games most of my life. I know that it is a hard business to get into. I am just ready to spend the next couple of years and focus on improving myself, for a future that i want. I am not sure what that future is yet. My biggest fear right now though is deciding to go back to school, complete my program and get my degree just to find out I wasted my time. Not in the sense of not learning anything, because when i start this time I am putting my heart and soul in the program. However, I do not want to spend the time get the degree, and find out after I graduate, that no companies will recognize my degree or what I did. As it stands, with my current life situation, i do qualify for a good financial aid package. I should be able to afford school. I appreciate the information. You all are a big help.
  4. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    Currently i work in wireless sales and support.
  5. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    Thanks for the info. Yes I want a career change. At the moment Game Design sounds very intriguing. However, i am very interested in programming too, but the school I am currently looking at doesn't offer a good programming degree at least not online.
  6. noir2099

    Game Design Degree

    I am actually looking to go back to college and get my degree. I was just wondering, if anybody here had any insight as to whether a Game Design degree would be worth obtaining.
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