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  1. I really like the idea of permanent consequences, but this will be hell to design and test. :)   I agree with everyone here that the level design will have to be really thought out.    For your own sanity, I would start with only 2-4 characters!   Players will need to be familiarised with the enemies and bad things in the game so they don't feel cheated when encoutering such a thing. When a player encounters another "type" of character he can play (say a wizard that can shoot magic) he will need a safe space to play around with him so he doesn't get killed right away. The creator of PvZ has a really good video up about immersive tutorials which I think you will need in this game a lot!   We're talking a lot about negative consequences - what about positive ones? For example a player eats something and that turns him blue for the rest of the game.    I would love to see more about this game. Pace, view point? Sounds exciting. Good luck! 
  2. Game Design Degree

    Worth obtaining in what sense? To get a job or get better at game design?      I graduated with a design degree and I landed a job from my end of year show. It's really really rare though, in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to start your own indie company after you graduate, or if you are talented in art or code as well.   The degree I took was amazing, it opened my eyes and designing comes easily to me now.