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  1. Introduction   “Back to Basics” is sandbox-survival game, that will allow player to create amazing elements and buildings and share with them. It will be designed for PC (Windows) and in future development phases it can be ported for Mac OS, Linux and mobile. It will take player to the distant lands (fictional region).   Genre   “Back to Basics” is sandbox-survival game with some RPG games elements. It will contain a classic sandbox gameplay mixed with some RPG things like.: character customization, weapons upgrading etc.   We have many ideas for the game and we will greatly appreciate any advice and support. The game been in dev for a while but we stopped. Now we're back and we do it from scratch. Small donation or even a like/comment will make us happy! Go to our blog! -   Here are some graphics that were made for the game development process (old ones), tell us what you think:       As I said before all the graphics will get refreshed soon. I am often posting about Back to Basics on my Twitter, so be sure to follow me too [twitter]_bartos[/twitter] Finally, you can follow us on our Facebook Page - CLICK!