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  1. Interstellaria hit kickstarter this afternoon, and it's doing pretty well for the first few hours. The soundtrack will be an original OST by CHIPZEL. Interstellaria is heavily inspired by games like starflight, but using some more modern mechanics like crew management. It also allows for open ended gameplay and exploration. You can even land on planets!     I'm hoping with support from the community I can make this dream a reality!
  2. Bitcrobes - my first game! [ios]

    Only 10 days left on our kickstarter!
  3. Bitcrobes - my first game! [ios]

    Quick update - we also have been working hard on music. Here's some samples. I would love some feedback!
  4. Bitcrobes is part game, part simulation. The player is controls a microbe which attempts to survive, grow, and adapt to various environments the player provides. The player can upgrade the microbe with several adaptions. The game will be released free! It's currently in its home stretch to release so I'm hoping to get a little attention for my small game Dev blog: YouTube link: Small kickstarter($600): A little about me as a dev: I began leaning to program about 10 months ago. I would say bitcrobes began development 8 months ago in the form of mini games. I've made this game 100% via hackintosh.