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  1. Which linux distro for 2GB HDD laptop?

        DLS is a gud choice, however due to a hiatus in the development for few years back (2008-2012,recently it was revived) some of the repo is abit outdated IMO. also, i havent use it since the hiatus, so i dont know about current development but i has a low memory footprint thou :)
  2. Which linux distro for 2GB HDD laptop?

    hi, i was juz browsing and stumbled into you post, and i was in you sheos before. hahahaha your final distro choice depends on your linux skill and what u r using it for nevertheless, for your choices, i think you should read "Lightweight Linux distribution" on wikipedia ( no offence guys, but anything fork from ubuntu would fill the hdd from a basic setup not much hdd space for anything else my personal choice is slitaz, extremely light, 30mb image file and and install space of less than 512mb my was 200++ mb, leaving rooms for other things. apps are edequate for basic offce suite and webrowsing puppy linux would be my second choice. lastly if you really know your ways around linux CLI(command line interface), use a debian and build it your self wif any packages u need. then again i dont know what u use it for nor your linux skill but, good luck and pay it forward hahahaha p.s. wikipedia link i posted is a gud place to start i would also recommend trying on a live usb first, and see if it fits your needs