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  1. Standing out from the crowd

    Hi   I have long shown an interest in video game design and production and over the years have had many ideas of what I think would be a good game to make (almost always something ambitious), yet I am fully aware that millions of other young people have the same passion and their own ideas about what would make the perfect video game. What ideas and concepts would help to get peoples attention and to stand out from the crowd? I myself have little to no programming skills, (though i'm currently learning c# and Blender), and so I know that other people would be needed to help my ideas come to fruition.   This brings me to the next problem of finding a team of like minded people who would have the motivation and skills to help out. How would be the best way of going about getting people to take interest and assist on a project? I know that each person helping would have their own lives and problems and so would be difficult to keep motivated and convince them to stay on the task rather than drift onto the next idea that takes their fancy.   Thanks for any advice and assistance given.   Comrade Jenkens
  2. Creative Games

    Hi everyone, i'm Comrade Jenkens and this is my very first post on these forums so don't be afraid to tell me if I make a mistake or am posting in the wrong section.   At some point in the future when I have gained more experience I plan to work on an RPG that includes building aspects similar to Kerbal Space Program and Gmod. Yet I've noticed that these are the only two significant games that I can find on the market which allow the building of your own contraptions with your imagination being the limit.   Is there a reason why these type of games rarely exist and would there be interest in such a game if it was ever made?   Feedback and peoples opinions would be appreciated :)   Thanks   Comrade Jenkens