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  1. Art assets thoughts.

    Hi!   I understood completely what you said. But, I do not want someone else to do the work for me for free, even under the "terms" you describe. It's just me  . So, either I start to gain graphics expertise myself or follow the other path (buy ready-made graphics).   Thank you again!  
  2. Art assets thoughts.

    At first, thank you all!   @Buster2000: I am interested in 2D games, at first. Just to keep the complexity and the learning curve at lower levels. I discovered InkScape so i might give it a got to see how bad i am at this stuff   @NightCreature83: i will be tied to a style, yes. It seems to me that though, that i will need way more work to make something myself, and as i said, i suck in graphics!
  3. Art assets thoughts.

    Hi to all,   great place to find tons of info here!   I have some thoughts about building games for the iOS platform (I have already a non-game app in the App Store) using the monogame toolkit. I admit that I do not have any graphics skills to build my own graphics and I am very skeptical to pay someone to build them for me, at least at start. (main reason is that games in iOS rarely make the money in return)   I saw that there are sites on the internet (e.x.: http://www.frogames.net/content-packs.html ) that I can buy graphics like characters, terrains, weapons etc.   My question is: Can I create something decent (game) by following that route ? I mean, by paying to get the graphics that I will need, for simple games, and not mess with Photoshop and the like to create them ?     Thanks a lot for any help!