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  1.   Intro:   Project Divine is a Diablo-esque action RPG in which a player controls a single “hero” and battles through hordes of monsters, leveling up stats and skills, as well as acquiring items to become stronger.   This contest is for the design of the interface of the project. We've crowd-sourced a lot of our work currently and it has worked great, including a successful plot writing contest. What we are mainly looking for is a general artistic direction/mock-up for the UI. We don't need perfect PSD's of each component. These mock-ups will be used to fully flesh out our UI and move it into an actual development stage.   At this time, we don't have a set artistic style in mind. We have several pieces of concept art which can be found at: Media | Project Divine. I've also included some notes for our plot lines at the bottom of this post which I'd recommend you read before delving into design.   Lastly, I've packaged together several screenshots from existing games to hopefully provide more clarity on what we are looking for. Please note, not all of these are necessarily good, but they all provide a good example on what is needed for a functional UI. That package can be found here: GUI Examples - Imgur   Official contest end date is July 25th, though this may be subject to change   Requirements for a valid submission:   Image of default screen (no windows open): http://i.imgur.com/wP9AZaD.jpg  At least one of the following (having each would be preferred, but not required): Stats screen: http://i.imgur.com/lNRuZuB.jpg  Inventory screen: http://i.imgur.com/smHdf76.jpg  Skills screen: http://i.imgur.com/lNRuZuB.jpg       Contest Prize:   Our main prize includes a cash bonus of $300 as well as open portfolio usage and mention in our credits. In some cases, you may invited on to join the project on a paid basis to continue detailing the submission out.   Secondary prizes includes a cash bonus of $75. This is handed out to any submissions that have certain elements we'd like to incorporate into our final.     Contact Details:   Please e-mail cthomlison@gmail.com with any questions, requests for further details, or submissions. I can also be contacted on Skype at CThomlison       Default screen:   The default screen is the main HUD of the game. This displays any time a player joins a game. The HUD should encompass all main elements that a player would need during regular playing and combat. This includes things like current skills and current hp/mana.   Due to the gametype, the following things must be displayed on the HUD: HP and Mana – Bars/Globes/Etc. Currently selected left click and right click abilities Currently selected “Action Bar” skills (Similar to Diablo 3 or WoW) - note, we'll only be doing 4 or 5 skills, so a full bar is a not needed Experience Bar Basic Menu Buttons – Things like character sheet, inventory, system settings etc. Buttons do not need to be detailed, more concerned with placement of where they go than the actual buttons themselves. Potions Chat panel Buff/Debuff Bar   Optional things can be Quest objectives tracker or mini-map, though they are not required.     Stats screen:   The stats screen contains the basic attributes for a character, including things like Strength, Dexterity, Mana, Life, etc. The stats screen may also contain formulated stats like chance to hit, run speed, magic find, resistances, etc. This could all be displayed on one screen or it could be done in tabulated screens similar to how Torchlight 2 has it.     Inventory screen:   This screen holds the character's current bag contents as well as what the character has currently equipped. This should be fairly self explanatory as we aren't doing anything outside the norm here. We're still slightly undecided on what actual armor pieces we're going to include (head, chest, shoulders, etc.), so including just some basics on the character sheet would be acceptable.     Skills screen:   Project Divine works off a tree system similar to that found in Diablo II or WoW. Players can put multiple points in each skill to enhance it. We do have a few special things planned for this system such as unique passive bonuses when grouping skills and enhancements (similar to runes from D3), but none of it is required for this submission.   The tree could be vertical as most are, horizontal, or even spherical if you're feeling extra creative. To reinforce, we are not concerned about icons or tree placement, but rather the general art style of the panel itself.       Appendix: Plot   The basic plot follows a nameless character that has been "plugged-in" to a computer world in hopes of harvesting resources from this world and bringing them back to a now ravaged earth. Similar to stories like the Matrix or Avatar, the player controls a new version of themselves with greater powers than they'd normally have on earth. In this new world, the player finds they are not alone and this world is filed with mysterious alien races and godlike beings (see concept art) at war with each other.   While this is a high-tech sci-fi world, it'd best be described as Sci-Fi/Mythological/Fantasy. We'll be avoiding guns for the most part and favoring more melee weapons/bows/crossbows. I mention this primarily so we don't receive any "army" type designs for lack of a better term.   I've only included the details I think are completely necessary for this contest. If you believe knowing a full back story/plot line would aid you, please contact me and I can send the full document.     Thanks and good luck!
  2. Sorry for the delay! We've been busy!   Contest has ended and a winner has been chosen. We also did have two users that we're going to take a few details from, so I'll be contacting you to send you the $25 bonus.   Thanks everyone for your submissions! We'll be holding similar contests to this in the future, so keep an eye out!
  3. Just a heads up: This contest will be ending June 23rd!
  4. I've just updated the main post with some extra info. I've realized I was entirely too general in my initial post and I hope this clears some things up.   Thanks!
  5. Just realized I didn't add an end date so that's been added. I don't have a concrete date in mind but I'm thinking another 2 weeks or so.   Thanks, really enjoying the diversity of what's come through so far!
  6. Very valid point. I think it can go both ways. If I do decide that I'd like to pull a part from someone else's, I'll contact the user and work with them on money vs. rights vs. can they use it again. Considering how generic the pull will likely be, I don't see us running into issues there, but I'm always willing to work with someone on it. If they decide they'd rather it not be given out for the secondary prize, I can just exclude it.   Thanks!
  7. EDIT: Just a heads up to everyone, due to the variance in entries as what seems like a huge misunderstanding as to the game-type, I've rewritten the prompt to be a bit more specific and it should read more like a prompt now rather than just a blank page. Please keep in mind what the game is here. The player is nameless. This is not a single-character RPG and the story should not read like one.   EDIT: This contest will be ending June 23rd!   Hi all,   I'm the leader for a game development foray called "Project Divine". Things are coming along pretty steady, but I've had some ideas on some additional ways to "crowdsource" some of our assets. One of the easiest of these is our plot. Currently, all we have is basic gameplay, settings, and art direction, with the core details of the story still up in the error. I thought this would be a great opportunity to give the community a chance to contribute.   What we need is a basic back-story/reason everything is happening/why and what are we fighting/few major plot lines and twists. I'm not looking for individual quest dialogue, specific names, etc. I'm thinking about the max this would take is two pages, so this isn't something you should need to commit a lot of time to.   As for the winning entry: There's a flat cash prize of $150, you'll be mentioned on all our credits including a link to your portfolio or anything like that. Lastly, you're welcome to stick on the team to continue developing the story and game features, but are no way required. You can take your money and peace out.   I'm also offering $25 to each person who I pull things from. If I use someone elses full backstory, but pull a few ideas from yours, you'll at least be earning a bit of cash, as well as mentioned in the credits.   The winner will be selected by myself and the other designer on our team. Contest end will likely be around June 20th. I don't have an official date, but as soon as entries start slowing down, we'll call it a day.        The gameplay itself is similar to the Diablo's or Torchlight. Player controls a character and battles their way through hordes of monsters/bosses, levels up, gathers items, etc. As mentioned, we've got a basic settings and art direction covered. In basic terms, it's a sci-fi mythological setting. Fancy power armors, high-tech gadgets, and gods in human form are all standard affair. Player's will be fighting against gods or with gods at some point (example of our first concept for a god). The following prompt is essentially the first cutscene of the game to introduce what's happening:     The player character in this situation is a human avatar. Humans in this world obviously have greater powers, however, keep in mind, the player is nameless. The story should follow a general flow, not a specific one. There are no love interests for the player or family ties (there can be for NPC's). For example, the story in Diablo followed an unnamed hero. The NPC's are generally more important to the story than the player itself.   What I'm looking for is to flesh this out. How do we expect to harvest this utopia? Why does it need an army of humans? Who are the enemies and who are the friendlies in this situation? Is there hidden motivation for those in the "program world" to bring us there? Why has the "program world" never come to us? Who populates the "program world"? Are we actively changing it via "wires and lines of code"? Is it created or are we just guests who finally found a way in? Why are some humans fighting for the enemies? Are there other "program worlds" we haven't found? These are just a few of the questions that can be fleshed out and introduced as general plot or plot twists.     I'd recommend you check out our web-site at http://divine-game.com for some additional details on features as well as a good chunk of concept art to give you a better idea of what things will look like.   All entries should be e-mailed to me at CThomlison@gmail.com . I can also be added on Skype if you want to have a quick back and forth at CThomlison.   Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!   Thanks!
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