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  1. General Awesome

    Dominus Engine

      Screenshots:     You can check out the repository here and the official website here.   Note: There has been a lack of development recently due to the fact that I'm currently undergoing the process of moving to my dorm room at ASU. Development will resume on the 12th, and I plan to have quite a large engine overhaul pushed to Github on the 17th; therefore, it is not recommended that anyone attempt to use this until I've cleaned this mess up on the aforementioned date.   Regards, John Lamontagne a.k.a General Awesome
  2. General Awesome

    a better computer

      I'm certainly not fluent in the field of theoretical physics, but isn't Quantum Entanglement an area of heavy research by the Scientific Community in hope that it will yield FTL transmission of states for computing and communication?   It's all theoretical, of course, but it's still very interesting.
  3. https://github.com/JohnLamontagne/RetroAssem/blob/master/src/RetroAssem%20Interpreter/Interpreter.cs   Luckily this project was just for fun (I was extremely bored).    I mean, it isn't the worst thing that I've ever done (by far), but there's just so much wrong with the project in general.   List of things that are obviously wrong: - For some reason, I have two different ways to halt the program: The Halt token, and the built in function call. - I don't consider the fact that someone might want to use a hexadecimal number for things other than memory addresses throughout the code. - I don't think I even spelled hexadecimal correctly throughout parts of the code.     
  4. General Awesome

    Path Finding for innovative games: Navigation

    Excellent article!
  5. General Awesome

    Games you would like to see exist

    GameDev.net: The game.
  6. General Awesome

    Coffee 0.4.29

    It seems like your web player, even after uninstalling it, has somehow broken my flash player. Have you had any reports of this before?   Edit: This may be related to AdBlocker messing up. I'll have to look into this further before I can confirm anything.
  7. General Awesome

    Oozengard : The Ooze is Looze

    The graphics hurt my eyes for some reason.
  8. General Awesome

    Can You Guess What This Is Used For

    int num1 = 50; int num2 = 75; int num3 = 100; int num4 = 125;
  9. General Awesome

    How did you start in Game Development/Programming?

    Randomly looked up: "How are games made" when I was about 11, and thus my adventure started.
  10. General Awesome

    Can you projects be stolen on GitHub?

      You are now my idol.
  11. General Awesome

    [Concept] Open Source Game Project.

    I'll have to think about this some more.  I would like to do it, as I personally love open source projects. I just want to make sure that I do it right the first time.   Thanks for the feedback so far guys! It's really helping out.
  12. General Awesome

    [Concept] Open Source Game Project.

    I've been contemplating the idea of releasing the source code for my game to the public with the intent of allowing the player base to view and contribute to it.   I know that this has worked quite well with other software projects, but I haven't really heard of many games that actually had their source open to the public.     What would your opinion be on a project like this?   What do you think would be the pros and cons?   Side note: If I did decide to release my games source, it would be under a license that would require people to release any derived projects with the same or an equivalent license.    Thanks, General Awesome
  13. General Awesome

    Advice for kids?

      I'm actually surprised to see XtremeWorlds listed here. I can't remember if XtremeWorlds is open source; if it isn't, Mirage Source is still a viable alternative, but it will probably take some work to actually get it working.
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