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  1. OpenGL Ray Casting For Collision

    Would anyone be willing to help me make a voxel engine?
  2. OpenGL Ray Casting For Collision

    Do you happen to know any good tutorials on creating a voxel game using java and LWJGL?
  3. OpenGL Ray Casting For Collision

    Thank you, I will check that out.
  4. OpenGL Ray Casting For Collision

    What I really need a ray for more than anything else is for selecting blocks, I am making a block game kind of like Minecraft and I need someway of selecting blocks.
  5. I am not sure this is the correct place to post this, but I figured since I am using LWJGL, I would post in OpenGL, anyways, I am not that great at algebra, I just got done with pre-algebra and I can do everything in game development, but collision, I need to cast a ray for collision and no matter where I look I cannot find anywhere that explains it(And the ones that do over complicate it) So can someone please explain it to me? Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.   EDIT:   I should mention i have experience with rays in things like Ultimate3D for game maker, so i do understand how a ray works, well somewhat, i know you cast a ray and it tell you how far away the object is and many other things, but i am not sure how one i created in something like java.