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  1. OpenGL Batch Rendering

    Hi, nice article. Did you tried to make a comparison between a non-batched version of the engine? if yes, how much was the performance gain?   We tried something similar with our engine and I experienced, with a lot of mid-high to low level graphics cards, to be really expensive rendering an object with one single big vertex buffer (>100 K) instead of using multiple small vertex buffers (~1K). The performances went down by a lot despite we weren't doing anything wrong (memory was ok etc..). Intel integrated graphics card won't even render an object with a huge vertex buffer.
  2. A Long-Awaited Check of Unreal Engine 4

    Of Course it's open source!
  3. You Don't Need to Hide Your Source Code

    There are several things on which i disagree, most of all "Most game engines simply are not art". This is not true. The gameplay is in the code. I have to admit that id job on realesing its code is wonderful and I'd like that more software house would do the same: this helps rookies more than stupid tutorials on the net.   A question : When you are working with console code that is using for example Microsoft/SCEE libraries or in general code meant for the PS4/XboxONE, can you release it on the net with a FLOSS/GNU license?
  4. Wade Not In Unknown Waters: Part One

    "Having explicit init() functions often leads to objects that can be created in an incomplete state. This is undesirable although sometime unavoidable." This is so true ! Also when the init function is kept private. sorry can anyone explain me this type of syntax? new (this) Derived(bar.foo); it's the first time i see that!
  5. Great article! thanks for your contribution!
  6. + 1000 Kudos for this article!
  7. Practical Guide to Bezier Curves

        double tmp = controlpoints[0] * u; should this be : auto tmp = controlpoints[0] * u;   where i put auto to get any type that you intentended to be your 3d-2d,... etc vector?
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