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    C / C ++ Game Development (Beginner)

    We are currently looking for talented object 2D designer. You don't need to be professional, actually you can be a beginner just as long you will work hard and cooperate with us.   Currently we are working on our first game and we don't need the graphics yet but we would like to find a person that we can count in advance, also a guy with graphical solutions and stuff.    We are focusing on OpenSource applications and therefor we would like to know person who is good with Blender or any other openSource solution. Spine is also one really great tool for object design but I m afraid it's a premium application.   Cheers! Aleksandar
  2. AleksandarG

    C / C ++ Game Development (Beginner)

    Accepted! Please register on the forum and type something about yourself so all of us get known with everybody :). We gonna talk on skype for sure.
  3. AleksandarG

    C / C ++ Game Development (Beginner)

    Accepted.  Everyone is invited to give it a try and learn together.   2D object and terrain designer is welcome as well. 
  4. Hey guys. Past 6 months I've been into C / C ++ programming while I have pretty big experience in HTML / JavaScript and PHP.   I m very impressed by C and C ++ and I would like to focus on it and probably continue and stick with it.   I would like to start with some basics about game programming and I would like to know if there is anyone who is interested in joining me and helping out with it.   I've also created a site called C Plus Plus Lab (www.cpluspluslab.com) so It can help me with communication and such. If you are interested to study together and even start a together project, add my skype: ag-webstudio or you can also register at the link I provided above.   Cheers!
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