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  1. Hi~ Looking for feedback :D

    Funny. I went into University wanting to double major in Composition and Music Education.    I dropped out of Composition after one semester.   I grew tired of my professor telling me that I should make it sound like this, instead of giving me direction on ways to improve my skills as a composer, instead of trying to shape my style into a pre-made mold.   I'm glad that you are continuing to do music! For some (many of my friends), dropping music was the only thing that saved their love for it. Though I know many composers who practically ignored their professors wishes and wrote their own stuff, haha.   A good thing to is to check out some prominent ambient composers to get an idea of different techniques you could use in your music. For timbres, and stuff.   A couple of good ones are Thomas Newman, and one that I recently got into was Jonsi and Alex. Of course, I wouldn't simply stick to them! There are multitudes of great artists out there! I actually majored in Music with only one and a half years of basic knowledge. So yeah, I had to work my way around things to graduate on time. And that one thing was exactly what you said about the composition professor. I actually emailed him telling him I didn't like a certain project and showed him Seashore (a first mix at the time). >.> Yep, he tried to push me into a different direction than I wanted to go into. And against what I wanted to do- because I really wanted to learn composition- I dropped it. Since my only strength as a complete newb in a college music world was my ability to write music, I couldn't risk compromising becoming uninspired and frustrated. I will definitely look up those artists! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi~ Looking for feedback :D

    Thanks for listening and the feedback. No, you weren't crude   I'll shorten my reel to 10 or below minutes. For Peaceful Village, I was just -literally- ponding on the keys. I heard the dissonance, but I actually liked it. It was supposed to be for an adventure game, so I kind of wanted to keep the players on the edge of their seats somewhat. For Halloween Scare, I was still just learning how to use the drum loops mechinism... which, to this day, I still haven't mastered.     Since I am still just a beginner (in my book) and hardly know how to play the piano, ambient is the easiest thing I can do- and is also my favorite thing. I wrote Seashore when I was very stressed out with my music composition professor (which I also dropped >.>;) and I needed to relax. I actually wrote it in Finale and mixed it in Logic and added the seagulls. I really haven't thought that much about bass when I do ambient, but I will most certanly keep that in mind. Thanks for your feedback. I will most definitely go back and edit my demo reel to make it shorter and sweeter :D
  3. Hi~ Looking for feedback :D

    Hi! I am about to graduate with my Bachelor's of Arts in Music with concentration Music Production. I am interested in writing music for video games and (more increasingly now) sound design. I have only been learning music for four years (aka the duration of my time working towards my bachelor's). I would absolutely love feedback on some of my compositions. Thanks a bunch in advance!