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  1. JS logic vs PHP logic

    Okey thanks, i will look in to that.... But for the moment ill stick to PHP for learning reasons as such!
  2. JS logic vs PHP logic

    so you are saying i should choose JS, just for simple reason not to wight to mush workload on servers, but leave the job to browsers? And this means, all i have to do with php is just get variables from javascript to store them in datebase!?   thx for reply!
  3. JS logic vs PHP logic

    Hello, i am creating browser based game, and i am stuck at this crossroads. I cant decide which to use for implementing some game logic.   I have created leveling system in php and in javascript. But in all senses i dont know which one is better. My thoughts is that its better to use php, because all of the stats and users will be stored in DB, so my conclusion is that its better to use PHP var than changing JS var to PHP!   The thing is that i am not sure if i am right....Can i get some suggestions or tips for this?!    THX :)