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  1. how i can start

    thnxs friends 
  2. how i can start

      Worry about OpenGL, physics, AI, GLSL, and any other topics you're interested in later.  They need to wait until you understand the basics -- you won't be able to properly understand or apply any of these things until you've learned how to write code.   im c++ programmer
  3. how i can start

  4. how i can start

    and what about opengl? and physics?
  5. how i can start

    thnx ou and im sorry
  6. how i can start

    hello guys i want some help to now how i can start using physics and math in my game (c++) i want some videos and books please (:
  7. hello friends i want to now how i can start programming ai in c++ game i want videos and books please (:
  8. how i can start

    hello guys     how i can start programming api in c++ games i want some touturiol videos please (:
  9. hello friends its my first topic in this site and i want to ask about free books and tutorial videos about programming games in c++ and opengl and what i need to complet my game like physics graphic glsl and mor .... iwill be happy for helping me