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  1. Java 2D Programming

    Thank You so much this is very very helpful.
  2. I would really like some help on this i just refreshed my memory in Java. I just want to know how to program 2D games in java now so if you know a great tutorial please tell me cause i have been searching and i can't find any good ones that explain the code and stuff like that it would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. Absolute Beginner

    i was thinking since i have the most experience with java i would start with that and make a little 2D game to get familiar with the concept and i would be the one making the art for this game it wont be anything fancy at all but i just want to have something that i created that way i know what to do and where to go from there. I was hoping you can tell me some resources like books and what now i went to that website and look over the books there but i'm kinda low on money for now so i just want to make the right choice and not get a bad book and have to wait like a month or so until i can get another book. Also any free site that you know would be very helpful.
  4. Absolute Beginner

    the reason i'm bored is because of all the free time i have. My plan overall is to start my own indie company but i want as much experience as i can get i don't start university till September and I want to start already. My plan is know the language then learn how to do game programming with it and then make a simple game then make my way up from that.
  5. Absolute Beginner

    So i am an absolute beginner to game programming and i am kinda frustrated as to where i should start. I know Java and C# and i would not mind looking into another language if i need to. I know it all depends on what language i want to do but i just don't know which one i want to use. Also i would really like it if someone told me about a good book to start with as well and also if they could direct me the right way. I don't care how long it takes because i have a lot of free time and i would really like to do something because i'm always bored.
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