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  1. I would simple count for leading zeros to compute the floating point value: atof(s) / powf(10.0, strspn(s, "0"))
  2. mawigator

    Spritesheet sizes

    The spritesheet size shall be less than available texture size on the target platform. You may check target GL/DirectX  specification for maximum allowed. Eg. in OpenGL 4.5 minimum supported value of MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE is 16384.
  3. mawigator


    Maybe shadow casting (stencil or shadowmap), SSAO  and fog. Ambient occlusion images looks quite clear. I have attached an small render (raytraced, but gives a clue).  
  4. Quite nice so far. It has a potential. So what I noticed and disliked: Visuals lacks lightning model (objects don't look immersed - main character is too bright, environment shall cast shadows / make units darker/lighter, many objects do not have shadows at all, maybe add some sort of antialiasing; there are no lightning effects to the sourroundig during explosions). Collisions can make you stuck (even on the first room). I may shoot most of the enemies before they see me, this make game a little static. I would add more enemies, maybe less powerful but make game more dynamic. Add more SFXs to the game. Some in game actions ends abruptly, there is no inertia in game  - eg. enemy explodes, camera shakes, and then it stops at the end of the animation, add some inertia into it, soft the movement. Also explosions seems to not affect the player movement. The player is sliding on the ground during walk and there are noticeable slowdowns (however I play on wine on MacOSX, so it may be side effect of this). In the trailer there is a different version shown (hard shadows)?! And there are no sfxs in the trailer. I would add some background story to the trailer at least, make some plot to identify with.
  5. mawigator

    Problem Solving Using Vectors

      This may be not sufficient. The function acos() is defined for angles from range [0,pi]. You may need to check also asin(length(cross(normalize(a),normalize(b)))) - if it is negative then you need to add pi to angle from the first formula. Nonetheless, this is minor case - as mostly we don't want to have the bigger angle.
  6. mawigator

    The State of the Indie World

      It is always the case in the free market.
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