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  1. I don't mean sorting. In this case int has alignment of 4 bytes, char of 1 and the double of 8. This may be simply packed as it is.
  2. In C : - .h files (really, today, I shall retype prototypes?!) and generally order of prototypes if you lack .h file. - lack of "defer". - aliasing mess (we have strict aliasing, we have restricted, but I would like to have may_alias qualifier) - dumb compilers, eg. struct { double a; char b[20]; int c; } got padded to 40 bytes, instead of 32 - not such portable std library (eg. ftell/fseek is 32 bit on Windows 64bit), lacking even some basic containers - lack of typeof() operator (at least in standard) and really bad macro language - no default return type(it was in K&R) - no size of array when passed to function even if not dynamic, it might be better, eg: int foo(char a[32]) { char b[32]; printf("%d %d\n", sizeof(a), sizeof(b)); } # 8, 32 In C++: - overdecorated syntax - templates are not readable in long-run - object model, or lack of (more class model), better is in smalltalk/Objective-C - generally C++
  3. I would simple count for leading zeros to compute the floating point value: atof(s) / powf(10.0, strspn(s, "0"))
  4. mawigator

    Spritesheet sizes

    The spritesheet size shall be less than available texture size on the target platform. You may check target GL/DirectX  specification for maximum allowed. Eg. in OpenGL 4.5 minimum supported value of MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE is 16384.
  5. mawigator


    Maybe shadow casting (stencil or shadowmap), SSAO  and fog. Ambient occlusion images looks quite clear. I have attached an small render (raytraced, but gives a clue).  
  6. Quite nice so far. It has a potential. So what I noticed and disliked: Visuals lacks lightning model (objects don't look immersed - main character is too bright, environment shall cast shadows / make units darker/lighter, many objects do not have shadows at all, maybe add some sort of antialiasing; there are no lightning effects to the sourroundig during explosions). Collisions can make you stuck (even on the first room). I may shoot most of the enemies before they see me, this make game a little static. I would add more enemies, maybe less powerful but make game more dynamic. Add more SFXs to the game. Some in game actions ends abruptly, there is no inertia in game  - eg. enemy explodes, camera shakes, and then it stops at the end of the animation, add some inertia into it, soft the movement. Also explosions seems to not affect the player movement. The player is sliding on the ground during walk and there are noticeable slowdowns (however I play on wine on MacOSX, so it may be side effect of this). In the trailer there is a different version shown (hard shadows)?! And there are no sfxs in the trailer. I would add some background story to the trailer at least, make some plot to identify with.
  7. mawigator

    Problem Solving Using Vectors

      This may be not sufficient. The function acos() is defined for angles from range [0,pi]. You may need to check also asin(length(cross(normalize(a),normalize(b)))) - if it is negative then you need to add pi to angle from the first formula. Nonetheless, this is minor case - as mostly we don't want to have the bigger angle.
  8. mawigator

    Moving in the direction of rotation?

    It looks like toRadians() should be inside cos(), not outside. The same for sinus.
  9. mawigator

    Snow Physics?

    I would go with simple solution. You may integrate movement of the snow particles like in the case of any other object with Newton law. But you need to apply additional drag force D which will be proportional to velocity of the air v (in particle reference)       D ~ v,   or maybe to square of it       D ~ v^2   (that really depends on size and speed of the snow, it is related to Reynolds number, but in game I would go with visual correctness).   The air velocity field may be easily calculated with potential flow/free vortex flow using sources, sinks and vortices. You may even make a setup arrangements of flow fields, without reallly modeling them, like in this sample aplet:      http://docs.desktop.aero/appliedaero/potential/vstream.html This method has additional advantage that you may calculate velocity only in the interesting points (particle positions). Above, on the  desktopAreo you may find good resources on the subject. I would not go with Euler or Navier-Stokes equations for game purposes - computationally prohibitive.   Welcome to CFD - Computional (Colorful) Fluid Dynamics ;)
  10. mawigator

    Simple character movement in 3d environment

      Normalize vector of player direction, and make dot product of normalized direction and the velocity vector arising from outside force.
  11. mawigator

    The State of the Indie World

      It is always the case in the free market.
  12. mawigator

    What 3D modelling software (do you use)?

    Cheetah3D -- cheap, fast learning and quite good features - mesh editing, material composing, animation, IK, physics, rendering (raytrace, caustics, AO, radiosity,...), texture baking, scripting... Disadvantages are in scripting (no access to vertex weights) and few editing tools are strangely implemented. For now, it is everything I need.
  13. mawigator


    The update is available so both buttons (kick and punch which make different moves) should work on all devices. As mentioned previously, only one button worked and only in one orientation. This was an issue with screen resolution, which is different when returned in pixels or in dots. So, touch coordinates were wrongly transformed on the retina devices (960x480px but 480x320dots).   If anybody is interested in some tests (or just fun), a few pormocodes here: P3LAXWJYJ93J W49T6H6K63XW 4737LLK9NP6P WWLLHAEJEHT3 FM6F4APJYXA3   And game available on the AppStore here: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/edenscaper/id712909772?mt=8
  14. mawigator


    Thank you very much, I will follow this issue.
  15. mawigator


    Thank you for your report. Excuse me for any problems you encountered. I will try to improve.  I would like you to ask. Which iPad/iOS version do you have as I can not reproduce button issues, by myself?
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