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  1. Barrett

    Internal space ship gravity (Unity3d)

      Thanks a lot, I will try! Much appreciate!
  2. Barrett

    Internal space ship gravity (Unity3d)

      Thank you for your response!    But I have a little misunderstanding =) Could you explain what do you mean here: "have you tried bumping the solver iteration count on your player to see if you get better stability"?   Thanks in advance, Denis
  3. Hello to everyone!   I have some problems with internal ship gravity in my unity3d game. I have a ship that can move in all directions and also rotate. And I have a game object with character controller which represensts my FP Character.   How do I properly calculate gravity for my character?   I've tried to use rigidBody.AddForce(), but there is a problem with friction - when my ship rotating, after a few seconds character start sliding.   Does anybody know how to calculate gravity like in Pulsar: Lost Colony game?   Thanks in advance, Denis.
  4. Hello!   I'm generating a huge terrain from my random-generated height map (based on perlin noise). Map divided into squares. Each square must have its own texture (texture distribution based on biome and some render parameters). All textures packed in atlas. Each square (which consists from two triangles) must be drawn with specified texture, taken from atlas   Question is how to set the atlas source rectangle for this squares?   Here is the fragment of code, where I'm setting texture position for each vertex.   Vector2 texturePosition; for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) { for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) { texturePosition = new Vector2((float)x / 32, (float)y / 32); VertexPositionTexture texture = new VertexPositionTexture(new Vector3(x, heightMapData[x, y], -y), texturePosition); vertices[x + y*width] = texture; } } As expected, texture atlas layed and looped on whole terrain. What do I need to change in order to achieve my goal?   Thanks in advance, Denis
  5. Barrett

    Test tileset (like Dwarf Fortress)

    Thank you! Thats what I'm looking for!
  6. Barrett

    Test tileset (like Dwarf Fortress)

      Where I can find full tilesets for DF?
  7. Barrett

    Test tileset (like Dwarf Fortress)

      Sorry, I need to clarify my request. I need a simple plain tileset like tilesets using in graphic pack for DF.
  8. Hello!   Is there anybody have a big tileset with small tiles (like Dwarf Fortress textures) with ground textures, objects and etc. I need some dummies for testing my engine. Optimal size: 16x16. But if somebody has tileset with tiles proportion 2:3 (8px on 12px) - it will be wonderfull and amazing!   Also, if you know resources, where I can find such a tileset - write, please.   Thanks in advance.
  9. Nypyren, thank yiu very much for this example!   I will try to use it!
  10.   I'm trying to print some special characters (triangles, arrows and etc.). And on different computers I get different results - characters are printed, another characters printed or symbols "?" printed.    I guess it is problem with encoding and fonts. I changed the font to Consolas, then to Lucida Console, but nothing changed (also, I changed Console.OutputEncoding to UTF8, then to unicode) and combine all of this settings.   The way using System.Drawning is usefull, but very simple for me - I want to use a Console.... The main problem is incorrect char printing.
  11. Hello!   I'm writing my game with C# using ASCII-graphic. Firtsly, I used a Console with kernel32.dll fast buffer and graphic output. Here is imported function:  [DllImport("kernel32.dll", SetLastError = true)]         static extern bool WriteConsoleOutput(           SafeFileHandle hConsoleOutput,           CharInfo[] lpBuffer,           Coord dwBufferSize,           Coord dwBufferCoord,           ref SmallRect lpWriteRegion); But the color range for console is poor and I have endless problems with proper encoding settings.   Can you help me to find the best way of ASCII-graphic implementation? Should I use a Console with proper settings (which I need to find) or using Graphic API as XNA, for example. If anybody knows some libraries (with Console or XNA graphic) for ASCII-graphic, please, share with me!   Also, I'm waiting for wise advices.   Thanks in advance.
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