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  1. white_waluigi

    Character Controller Api

    I'm currently working on a first person Ogre3d project and need a collision detection for the player to walk through the level. I already tried the Bulletphysic kuinematic character controller, which was not really satisfying. Now my question is: Is there an API that has provides a character collision detection? I don't really have any special desires, i just want the player to walk through a simple level. I'd be great if it would be compatible with bulletphysics.
  2. white_waluigi

    Player Movement

    i avoided the sliding by adding fraction   so your telling me top just resolving the collision vertically or horizontal? k ill try it out
  3. white_waluigi

    Player Movement

    its top down and the gravity is alawys 1m/s, so the player is always falling, but the player gets on the surface by resolving the collision. Movement is 1 m/s right now which means the effect drops by 45 degrees.
  4. white_waluigi

    Player Movement

    i've got the following Problem: im making a 2D not Tile-Based game with Collision Lines in all directions and sizes. Now when the Player moves along a 40 degree Line for example, his movment speed decreases dramaticaly, so i set down the Gravity. but then if the player moves in the opposite direction, he flies of the surface.   How could i solve thies Problem? I thought about implementing a System, that, if the player is on a surface, lets him move along the surface, but that caused me a lot of other problems. How do other People solve this kind of Problem?
  5. white_waluigi

    2d Physics

    yeah been there already. Lost a lot of time. Now i wanna do it right.   So what do you think of that:   -a friction System like the one from Bacterius -When a collision gets solved, that collision gets stored in the Units collision List. If the collsion was not too steep, the Player is allowed to jump.   I just wanna ask before i loose more time.
  6. white_waluigi

    2d Physics

    k, didn't think i'd have to go so far for a 2d game, but ok, thanks. So ill have to implement a system, that gets the surface(s) the player is standing on.
  7. white_waluigi

    2d Physics

    OK, now I've looked through that stuff and it didn't really solve my Problem. Maybe i should have mentioned that i wasn't searching for real physics like stuff rotating and rag-dolls and such, just Physics like in Super Mario for example (I know it says a lot, if i can't even get that right) just instead of simple Block-Worlds Worlds that are Physical build out of Simple Lines. But the Problems are still with Gravitation. Does maybe someone have some Tips or an OpenS Game to check how they solved it?
  8. white_waluigi

    2d Physics

  9. white_waluigi

    2d Physics

    i started to make a 2d game a while ago and i encountered a lot of Problem with movment and gravitation. I managed to make sure, that stuff can't get through walls (Line-Collision System, with the Separating axis T.) But after that the Problems started and i desparating right now. first i had the Problem with tzhe Gravitation, that when you stand on a inclined line and Gravity is on, the Player slowly slides of the surfaces. also  if you move on an inclined line you are slower than you were on even surface. next Problem is, that if you move in the opposite direction of an inclined line, you just fly in the air for a brief second. There are a lot of other Problems but i don't wanna list them all here.   Does someone have a few links for me?
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