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  1. Games production - Is IT degree sufficient?

    Appreciate the replies, they are helpful.
  2. Games production - Is IT degree sufficient?

      No. A degree alone is not sufficient.  http://sloperama.com/advice/lesson49.htm I appreciate your reply and do agree that one should constantly seek improvements. However, by "enough", I do not refer to the end of the learning phase, but one which would allow me to sustain the first segment of that journey. I believe that as humans, we are all bounded by the harshness of reality, that we cannot keep up the preparations for that first step forever, we do need a job, be it a good or a poor one to keep ourselves alive and move closer towards the places we seek. I apologise for the poor phrasing.
  3. Hi people, (forgive me if this thread is in the wrong place, I'm new)   I've just taken up a IT degree and is two terms into it. It might be because I am still in the early stages of the programme, but I've come to wonder if it would be sufficient to get me a job as a software developer or a game developer. I understand that it requires years of experience and in some cases, a masters degree to land a job at the larger software development companies, but does my degree open the door to that?   The degree has a major in software development, comes from an accredited university, and it covers   -Game production -Applications programming -Database management -Software development -Wireless and cloud development -Networking -Web multimedia -Web programming -*Several programming courses that cover Java, Python etc.   I'm in doubt, as I've tried reading up on the prospects of IT degree, and most sources indicated that IT degrees point to jobs such as systems analysts, I.T administrators, and database developers instead of software developers.   Would appreciate it if I could ask for some advice on this and tap on the experience of the community here. Thanks.
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