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  1. RT @FuggingBleb: the new Pokemon commercial shouldnt make me cry https://t.co/DxEQdyehkB
  2. RT @Danilo25C: @edmundmcmillen My family made me this cake for my birthday! https://t.co/fvbNF9ct0H
  3. RT @paeses: In celebration of OPM S2 announcement here is Key animation(genga) comparison for One-Punch Man talented animators & their diff…
  4. I don't think anybody's copying anybody. I haven't posted anything about my game for the most part, and I've only just noticed a bit ago this other guy's project on a forum post in Nintendo's "super secret dev area".   Just unfortunate timing I guess. To be honest it was the art style that was similar to mine that got me distraught. Guess I'll just have to deal and do what Sean says -- or delay. Which isn't fun for anybody...       I post that just about every time I go somewhere to ask for help, actually, lol.
  5. You guys are my friends, right?   How would you guys deal with a game on the same platform you're about to release to getting released that is similar to yours?
  6. "Spooky Scary Mansion" Video Devlog #6: New New Audio Station: http://t.co/SdHoNHJefb via @YouTube
  7. Facebook bought the Oculus Rift. Suspicious~
  8. Special Bulletin: Your IP Address is not your damn social. Being worried about it is dumb. Making threats using it is even dumber. Stop it.
  9. Yo glenn man :D cool that I found this (@YouTube http://t.co/XsRtisj3pV)
  10. Pathing by using math concepts?

    Thanks guys, worked out pretty well!