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  1. Relative Movement of the Plataform

    Hi Guys, I'm stucked at a new problem. In my game, I want the character on the center of the screen always. I could do it with the boundary(ground = chao), but I can't do it with the plataform. I tried with a bunch of diferents forms and always two thinks happens : the plataform stucks or the plataform walk in the same direction as my character. Here's the code: (main) (class chao = ground) (class personagem = character) (class plataform) Pdes in attached files Sorry about the comment mess, variable names and my grammar.
  2. Simple Movement With Processing+Box2d

      Thank you I've got it right yesterday today. The line "Personagem personagem = new Personagem(20,20);" musted be only called in setup, as all the other "class constructors", I'm having other problems that I need help, but to avoid the mess I'll create other topic. Thanks again
  3. Simple Movement With Processing+Box2d

    Hi guys :) I'm new at Processing and I had some experiences with Box2d(but using c++). Today I was trying to make simple movement by applying forces to a "personagem" (character). The program compile well but the box don't move (stays static at the initial position). I think that the coordinates given by box2d aren't being transmited to the pixel coordinates. Can somebody help me? Here's the code: (personagem class). (Main Code). Sorry but i've commented the code in portugues and sorry about my english :(