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  1.   I  konw use class  "Adapter" to  achieve  the  video  card  informations  But I  only  achieve  DedicatedVideoMemory and DedicatedSystemMemory.I also  can  konw  the  device  if  support the DX level_11 or  Level_10.     But I  don't think  these  can judge   which  video  cards is better.  for  example  my  notebook  computer has Intel  Graphics 4000  and  GT 640M. if they  has  the  same  DedicatedVideoMemory  and  both  supoort DX level_11.  It  can't  judge   which  video  cards is the  best.     I  think  it  must has more better  method  to judge  it.  Sorry  My  English is  bad!  If  you  understand me,please help  me..\Thanks! Thanks!    On the other  hand  i use  sharpDX  ,it's  the  same  with  Direct11  API.
  2. GuoLei

    GPU particles

    There are up to four streams from your geometry shader you can select from, not just three. You're missing a NULL. Also, if I get the sample right, it uses one output stream only, so you can omit the (optional) buffer index altogether (an index of >3 e.g. doesn't make sense anyway, you only got 4 output streams). This should work (at least it compiles) GeometryShader gsStreamOut = ConstructGSWithSO( pGSComp, "SV_POSITION.xyz;NORMAL.xyz;COLOR.xyzw;TEXCOORD0.xy;TEXCOORD1.x;TEXCOORD2.xy;",NULL,NULL,NULL,-1); Note the -1 at the end. This is actually D3D11_SO_NO_RASTERIZED_STREAM, since you don't need rasterization for the particle update. Not sure this will work, try 0 first instead (PixelShader is NULL anyway).   I have  search disable rasterization you  said  that is  SetPixelShader(NULL) in  shader.Second make both the  depthState  and  StencilState disable!  I  want  konw  is the right way to realize you  said  like this? Now  I have  success with  your help..  I am very  thanks  to you!  you  are  great...But  I doubt  is  the right  way to do like this
  3. Sorry! My  English  isn't  very  well!   The problem is  I am use  Shadowmapping with slimDX11?But  when  I creat zDepthBuffer  my renderTarget's width  and  height  must equal the  screen's  width  and  heght.   Unless  when  i compute ,I  can't  obtain the  right  UV from the zDepth  Buffer.  When  I use  XNA  to  do  this  is  right.  I  don not  know  why I  use  slimdx11 is  fail.As  everyoneKnows  the  size decide  the shadow  quality and  no  matter  the  zDepthBuffer  is how  large,it's UV is   same actually! left and top  is 0 and 9. right  and  bottom  is 1 and  1.   I  want  konw  is the  SLIMDX11's  BUG?  if  who  can  help  me  ,I  will  very  thanks  to you! Friends!!  
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