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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Woops my bad :) didn't read that right :)
  3. Hi,   You can place sprite i think on the scene but there is no functionality to it so you need to code it. I should recommend you to start learning how to code.   It's gonna be hard by not knowing what to do without knowing how to code. Pick a language i recommend choosing a high level programming language like C# for instance. Godot uses C++ that can be difficultfor a beginner. There is a beginners FAQ on the forum.   https://www.gamedev.net/reference/faq.php/_/for-beginners-r1   Hope this helps and good luck!   HyperV
  4. Hi,   Check this page and it's open source :) I use it too :)   https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page   Hope this helps   HyperV
  5. hi     post it here  http://www.gamedev.net/classifieds higher chance finding someone.   hope this helps :)   HyperV
  6. Hi ,   Most of the people already answered your question. It takes time to learn something and be patient with it. first learn look for a suitable programming language you like (there is no better language it really depends on the needs and what you like). trust me it's hard to make a game so i recommend you to try baby steps . create small programs and check what it's doing behind ask yourself why is this working.. change data values to see what will happen if it's changed.   This forum is really great for game dev information also great for fun. you can always ask a question like what the guys above me, earlier mentioned. of course it takes time to get an answer, people help other people at free will.     There are books that learn you how to debug and you can see why it's a better to use that piece of code and not another. Of course you can try create something like a first person shooter. If you are going to use Unreal. the unreal engine team hosts every thuesday and thursday a twitch stream.   So ask alot of questions (A question is never stupid) Google alot and do alot of stuff beyond of whats been writtin on the book.   sorry for my grammar doing multiple things at the same time xD   Hope this helps :)   HyperV
  7. i get that too
  8. Hype it all up!
  9. Greetings Fellow GameDev's   Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year everyone!     [attachment=29845:iwjVULt.jpg]     Credits goes to Yoshi_t.(bastard who doesn't want to post it )     HyperV
  10. Hi there,   With a little more searching on the Epic Games Launcher - Learn Tab -  scroll to the bottem "Stratergy Game"(tower defence) Your question is kinda odd, do you have experience with C++? i would suggest listen to the others above me they are giving you a much simpler option then using a "difficult" engine.   hope this helps   HyperV
  11. What a waste of money , They should use that money on their R&D and creating better games.
  12. Hi,     Try all of them, look whats best for you and what saves time for you. Also look for whats easier for you. The above tools that are mentioned by others uses different languages (as mentioned by them). Hope this helps,   HyperV