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  1. Vehicle Control with Neural Networks

  2. Barebones of Quests

  3. @Wolfgang   Awesome idea and I like the article too! Did you make all the assets yourself?     @Joshhua5   Phaser stuff needs a back-end to run. If you open the html file statically, the assets won't get served up correctly.   It's easy though: If you have python installed, open a command line, navigate to the game folder and type      python -m SimpleHTTPServer   then open a browser and go to   Or if you prefer node, get node-static:   npm install node-static -g static -p 8000   any way to serve up a page will do       [edit]   Sorry, that should be    npm install node-static -g   of course
  4. Byproduct of Insomnia

    Oh god. The escaping escape-escapes. They've escaped! Again!! .. it's literally making my eyes water..   I hope your crisis improves soon! *man-hug*
  5. So true! I'm one of those beginners and yes, I find this article incredibly helpful!   Does anybody know where I can find more rules-of-thumb like these? eg "Binding a shader is 20 times more expensive than a translation"?
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