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  1. New to Coding - Strategy Game

    Hello! Let me begin by saying that I am a complete novice when it comes to coding. I have a good handle on symbolic logic, but that seems to only be tangentially related to actual coding. However, I am eager to learn as I have, due to my upcoming three month sabbatical, been elected by my friends to learn how to code a strategy game that we've been working on for a few months. The main question that I have is this, what sort of language should I set myself to learn in order to successfully code this game?   Onto what I understand are the essentials.    First of all, we want this to be a strictly online game played in browser. Some of us have tablets as our main computing devices, others have Macs, others Windows, etc. We figured that a browser-based game would off the greatest accessibility.   Second, to go along with the online theme, this will be strictly humans vs. humans; no AI teams will be included. What AI there will be will follow very simple rules involving movement only.   Third, the game is fairly similar to a more advanced Masters of Orion. At the moment, we're playing it via Dropbox utilizing a hex-based board. It will be more advanced in that technology will progress in a different manner and units are more customizable.   So, any ideas about what language I should look into using? Do you need more information?
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