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    Where do I begin

    Thanks for the help
  2. Limecore

    Where do I begin

    ok, sdl or sfml it is I think maybe I'll do some of the extra stuff for a learning excercise, but I'll start off with that Thanks
  3. Limecore

    Help a Newbie Choose a Program Language

    It is a very subjective question, but if you have never programmed before DO NOT LEARN C++. It will make programming painful for you if you don't know what you are doing, and can easily discourage you. I personally started with java, then moved to c++ and am only starting to get into gamedev now
  4. Limecore

    having a hard time learning C++

      I recommend Bruce Eckel's free-to-download "Thinking in C++" books. Great content, good explanations - deep enough to clarify but not enough to lose focus - and good exercises. Sure, a bit old, but all code works (I ran most examples and solved most exercises with gcc and clang) and it won't stop you from learning C++11 after you've mastered the basics - actually, it will provide you with a solid base for C++11. Read Vol. 1 and do all exercises. Worth every second you spend on it. +1 I also came from a java background and  found it easy learning from that book If you aren't already, use an ide like code::blocks. It will make your life easier
  5. Limecore

    Where do I begin

    I am a programmer on linux who knows java and c++ fairly well, and I would like to get started in game development (I would prefer to use c++ for game programming) I have a few questions: -What would I use to create simple 2d games? (e.g. opengl, sdl etc) -Are there any tutorials you would recommend for me?   I have no previous with game programming, or with graphics programming, so beginner tutorials would be great   Would this be a good place to start? http://noz3001.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/2d-game-development-with-opengl-part-1/
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