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  1. @Len Holgate, Thank you very much for this, i will study it. but your link is unusable, i send a personal messag to you with my email, please kindly send it to my email. thanks.
  2. is any open source project that using TCP and IOCP? so i can using this source code and add my own function, eg:Mr.Drew_Benton three layer on it. Thanks.
  3.  when i read Mr.Drew_Benton post: Do you think this is a feasible server architecture design?   He provide a great idea on TCP and IOCP. but in his post, we can not find any souce code. it seems he only provide design and idea on it. so please recommand me a stable and feasible server for tcp and IOCP? if have souce code, that is great, i want to test this type of server. thank you very much.  
  4. @Drew_Benton, you do a great job for this, how can I download the source code of this TCP & IOCP project, I wan to test it. Thanks.