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  1. How cameras work

    Thank you very much will check your answer and ask for any questions, maybe will share some piece of code .. Must tell that i have no interaction with via email or other spammers, ad-senders, etc please explain why my second post was marked as an addvertisment?   
  2. How cameras work

    Thank you very much for your answer, will take a look. In the camera class example you've shared, there are no near pane/far pane am i understand right? So, how much space you will see if there are no edges
  3. How cameras work

    also please take a look a the CSR Racing any thoughts about how camera is working in this game? is camera fixed or is moving with the vehicle how to determine
  4. Hi, I'm new to 3d graphics programming. First i learned some 3d math from books, then i created a few 3d objects (cube, cone) and rotated them around axisses. Now i have 2 questions  1) help me to create simple 3d camera that i can place it everywhere i want and rotate 2) please explain me in 3d games is camera moving while person makes move, for example in Temple Run any kind of answer would be appreciated thank you