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  1. Usability within my game

    Hi, I am taking a game interface course and I need to get some feedback on my game design for an assignment.  I’ll provide a quick summary of my game design idea and a few of the functions available within the game.  Any feedback or advice on my design is very welcome.   My game idea could be classified as a 2D Action Platformer with a very Metroidvania feel to it and some minor RPG elements thrown in as well.  The game is also being designed with the intent to release it on the Xbox 360 or whatever the next gen Xbox console is called.  You control a humanoid cyborg that is traveling across the galaxy trailing the antagonist who is responsible for his robotic limbs.  Along the way the player will encounter tons of enemies who can be dispatched with dozens of different weapons that are upgradable as the game progresses.  Players will also find armor enhancements, consumable items and gain experience and level up special abilities.  Fighting enemies and exploring the various planets along the way while following the story is the core of the game, but the player will have many opportunities to venture off and explore hidden paths or unlock passages that were previously blocked with the upgrades he finds.   The feedback I need focuses on the usability of the gameplay functions described below.  If you need more information about the game itself or any of the functions, please let me know.   One of the movement options for the main character will be a dash move that is triggered by hitting the “B” button on the controller.  This will propel the player in whatever direction they are pointing the Left Stick or movement stick on the controller.  Dashing gives the player a slight advantage when dodging or getting a different firing position on enemies. Firing the characters weapons will be triggered by both the Left and Right trigger buttons.  They will fire the primary and secondary weapons separately; however weapons can be inserted into either the primary or secondary slot to provide more customization for the player.  Aiming will be done with the Right Stick and when combined with the movement stick and both Trigger buttons, I believe fighting enemies will feel very natural when compared with other games that have a similar controller layout. Players will also be able to quickly access two important menu screens via the Left and Right bumper buttons.  The Left Bumper will access the Inventory screen while the Right will open the Weapon Select screen.  This gives players easy access to what I believe will be the most commonly accessed screens when players have some downtime in between action sequences. What are your thoughts on these three game functions?  I wanted to describe some of the functions that provide sensible gameplay with the focus of usability and convenience.  Looking forward to your feedback, thanks.