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  1.   Well, now I see I worded it wrong, I didn´t mean it as "beginner", more like "basics of C language".   I´ve started to notice that bigger I make the game, more it takes to publish it with all the movieclips and whatnot. I´ve read that binding of Isaac had few similar problems with flash publishing times, flash crashing midway through (I´m using CS5), which is part that the dev has moved away from AS3 for his next project.
  2. So my country authorities hold these learning courses (from knitting to jewelry crafting to programming, all kinds of stuff) for adults of all ages in masses once a year, and there´s cheap 48 hour (2-3 months) course for "C language" among them...   I´m not asking that typical stupid question "is it best language?" I´m just asking is it useful language to know for making 2D games.   I´ve learned Actionscript 3 and done few small games with it, I liked it, but I´d like to learn something more indepth and useful, with which I could make bigger and better 2D games with far fever limitations.   I´m probably never gonna work for AAA or big studios, just solo and maybe with few friends.     So, it´s cheap course with two sections, one for beginners (24h), second more indepth (another 24h). Should I go for it?
  3.   I have finished one small game for my school as final project, a knight duel game, a reaction based game with mix of rock-paper-scissors mechanism for two players on same screen and computer, which was about year ago, and from that I have moved on to more ambitious projects that I have not yet finished, nowhere near. One project I actually had to scrap because it was too ambitious and became such monstrosity that I didn´t even know where it was headed, though I have salvaged a lot from that thing which have helped me on my current less ambitious projects.   And yeah, I have few projects going on with AS3 that I will finish... I didn´t say it clearly, don´t know why, but I was thinking of learning some new language after those.       I am thinking of trying to switch my focus from AS3 to other languages since everyone who have been doing this so much longer than me, including teachers say that flash will be dead... And I am really these years taking my first steps, so I am at good position to learn new language. (Also, maybe I just need to grow thicker skin against naysayers? )         Anyways, Java sounds like something that might suit my needs better than C++... though that Adobe CrossBridge sounds really neat... >_<
  4. ... but to what?   I really like Actionscript 3, and I think I have learned enough of it (nowhere near all of it, of course, stuff you need to make single player games) to learn new language. I´d like something that is similar to AS3. What I´d most likely do with it is make story heavy games like telltale does, strategy games and overall single player games for PC... and on my own I´ll first stick to 2D. And I´d also like language that might benefit me in other ways too, like some language I could maybe get a job place from some company... possibly outside game industry.   What you guys suggest? some of the C languages? Java? something else? I´m really lost and I have been trying to decide way too long without getting any learning done, changing my mind from this to that, not sticking to one language...   (I first asked this on "game programming" section before realizing there actually is "for beginners" section on these forums, although I am not really ´in the beginning´ but still I think this question is better at this section... So, if it´s okay to moderators, I´ve reposted this thread to here.)
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