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    Learn from Irrlicht the API mapping between OpenGL and Direct3D

    What's interesting is to know how many Lines of code I need to do the same thing. In the case of Irrlicht the OpenGL implementation of their renders has more line than the DirectX one. As you say the reported snippet is engine dependent, for this reason in the conclusion I said that the verbosity is more dependent to the engine implementation choices and not to OpenGL or DirectX APIs.  
  2. Version 5.0 of CppDepend by CoderGears, a tool used to manage C/C++ code bases and application development, is now available. CppDepend allows architects and developers to analyze a code base, automate code reviews, and facilitate refactoring and migration. It’s based on Clang for more reliability and let’s queries the code base over LINQ queries thanks to CQLinq. New features in CppDepend v5.0 include: Import result files of other static analyzer like CppCheck and CPD, Hundred of Clang diagnostics are available and it can be easily queried using CQLinq. Custom CQLinq extensions which allows you to write elaborated CQLinq queries, Support for C++14: CppDepend works with the last version of Clang which implement all of the Draft International Standard of the upcoming C++14 language standard, Advanced integration with CppCheck, The directory/file organization for C projects.   Open Source licenses are available free to non-commercial open source software development projects. For more details, please see theOpen Source project license terms.
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