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  1. For the first one, the chips included an internal CPU clock mutliplier.    External clock is irrelevant, because pipeline frequency is the one that matters. 486 pipeline is still single-issue, hen?e scalar.   Either way it is just a semantic argument about something that was superseded almost two decades ago.   From the point of view of Intel engineers and the rest of world, Pentium was first superscalar Intel processor. Your post is the only one in brief google search that states otherwise and I don't see any point in that. Unless you started the original debate in the magazine you mentioned =)
  2. the i486 added superscalar pipelining. Superscalar means >1 instruction issue per cycle. So Pentium is superscalar, but 486 is just a pipelined scalar.   For most users the CPU’s OOO core was effectively idle much of the time, even under load. It would be useless to have OoO if that was true. They mainly idle in cases of branch misprediction, cache miss, lack of parallelism in instruction stream or specific instruction mix (say, only integer instructions). Second thread could supply additional instructions to fill available compute resources.    To help give a steady flow of instructions to the OOO core they attached a second front-end. None of SMT processors has entire frontend duplicated. Mainly queues, TLBs and tags here and there. Decoder is usually shared between threads and accessed in alternating cycles, or coarser granularity. In case of P4, both decoder and trace cache are shared. http://equipe.nce.ufrj.br/gabriel/arqcomp2/Hyperthread.pdf
  3. Awesome soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder http://t.co/OlwpVtaKI8
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