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    Unworkable project

    There is probably a better way. Come up with reasons to get to the newer stuff. Look at timelines and see if something can be replaced in a year. You have to show them how the new stuff will have better ability to do stuff that they would want done a year later.    It will take lot of lobbying and basically showing them that its useful. It is more of business undertaking and you have to show them profits to put in money.   
  2. gautamn15

    A super bad designs to avoid

    I have seen a lot of people do something like that in production code just to be extra smart. Sadly for being extra smart you generally get a bunch of crashes and bugs which someone else will have to fix. 
  3. gautamn15

    2D vs 3D for a solo programmer

    Depends on your experience. Are you an experienced 3d programmer or a 2d one. If the latter do 2D if you want to finish quickly as 3D will end up being a steep learning curve.     
  4. gautamn15

    Unity Raycast issue

    Why would it be more complicated. If you put the script on the collider object i.e. the ladder object then you could send a callback to the colliding gameobject. Something like the following :-   void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider) {     collider.gameObject.SendMessage("OnCollissionEnter", this, SendMessage,DONTRequireReceiver); }     void OnTriggerStay(Collider collider) {     collider.gameObject.SendMessage("OnCollissionStay", this, SendMessage,DONTRequireReceiver); }     void OnTriggerExit(Collider collider) {     collider.gameObject.SendMessage("OnCollissionExit", this, SendMessage,DONTRequireReceiver); }   Now with this you get a message on from the triggers that something happened and the character itself can handle what it is supposed to do. The DontRequireReceiver ensures that if the game object which don't have this function hit then you can be sure that it won't throw an exception.    
  5. gautamn15

    Unity Raycast issue

    Why can't you use a OnTriggerStay, OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerExit in that case and make the bounding trigger big to encapsulate the whole area. 
  6. gautamn15

    Unity Raycast issue

    Use SphereCast as that will take care of issues with errors.   
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