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  1. How on earth do I start a game?!

    1.Try C++ , just learn to create something like  tetris / ping-pong  etc.DON'T skip  pointers,dynamic memory and classes,because these are very important in creating game.   Then you choose;if you want to learn programming + to create a game:   1.Try SFML,then opengl        or      2.SDL/SFML,then directx     But remember,programming is not a joke,you will need a desire to create a game to be able to learn it !   If you want just to create a game,after C++ try Unity3D,it's a nice tool for creating games ;] ,HOWEVER,you will not be allowed to sell that game(if you are thinking about a serious game ),it's just for fun.Gl
  2. Where should I start?

    Well,I am trying to learn Directx as well,and yeh Rastartek's tutorials are : |   ...In my opinion book is the fastest way to learn it...   Opengl?There's book,I checked it and it seems quite informative :   released one year ago
  3. Beginner looking into game making

    Simple 3D ?Dream more.   First learn ..uhm,maybe C# / C++ Second learn a little bit about 2D THEN try Utility3D & create a game.
  4. It's the hardest language,a lot of risks in it,you must do everything perfectly. Those languages,which born from C are the most popular nowadays ,like:java,C sharp etc.   And those languages are easier than C ,so if you know C/C++ ,you should easily learn other one.Don't company owners think like this?
  5. Directx 11....

      Okay...       Yeh,I have noticed that ,but it seems for me ,that I still must understand his framework to be able to continue with tutorials.       Thanks,but it seems,it cost 99$ , not for me,not for me =/         Anyway...   "Just know: Starting with D3D11 if you haven't done anything with low-level graphics before is hard and frustrating."   Can't disagree with that,maybe you are rgiht . But I really like challanges,I don't really like 2D,Even console is much more interesting for me . I always like to find out ,where is the best information before starting learning,if it's really that hard,maybe rastertek tutorial aren't bad.   I will try my best,I never give up :|   Thx.
  6. Very simple calculator

    You want to create a simple calculator?What about this?   #include <iostream>   using namespace std;   int main() {     double a,b;     char symbol;     cout << "CALCULATOR IS READY!\n";     do     {         cin >> a >> symbol >> b;               switch(symbol)             {             case '*':                 cout << " = " << a * b << endl;                 break;             case '+':                 cout << " = " << a + b << endl;                 break;             case '-':                 cout << " = " << a - b << endl;                 break;             case '/':                 cout << " = " << a / b << endl;                 break;             }     }     while(true);   }
  7. Directx 11....

    Any why not just register yourself ? It's free and takes about 20 seconds.   Registration is bugged,I can't get activation link...       As for a book I always recommend Luna. He explains more than just how the API works and also provides exercises. Here you can also download the source.   I heard about him,but it's just source codes without explanation;book isn't free.I'mfrom Lithuania ,i am 17,it's really hard to get it for me ...
  8. Directx 11....

    Hi there,   I have already asked ,what tutorials should I use to learn Directx .Answer was rastertek,cuz his tutorials are the best . I'm not a dumb person,but I really can't understand even tutorial number 2, almost everything is new for me ,and there is only a little explanation. Also ,he doesn't give any tips,how one,or another, line could be changed - just the main facts. Decided to try this again,but again,source code (which you can see in the website,without having an account) doesn't even work...   So,anyone have branzarsoft account which I can borrow to download every project,or any tips?And.. I was categorically NO against books ,but now I don't know,maybe I should try some free book?I really want to learn directx!   I'm completely lost :| , seldom happens for me,that I'm not able to do something...   Maybe someone via skype may help me?Any help for me - very useful!     P.s ,sorry for my medium english,bad structure of my post :|
  9. Directx tutorials?

    Thanks for these answers,if you say so , i will try my best to learn directx with Ramstarek's tutorials then !   And ,Siri, maybe you got an account you aren't using ? (BRAYNZSOFT) ,because registration is bugged and without it it's impossible to download source.Maybe I would check that tutorials as well ,after Ramstartek! ;
  10. Directx tutorials?

    Hello all,   Can anyone help me directx 11?I would really like to learn it, but i have no idea what with i should start. I know c++ quite well.I found rastartek and braynzsoft tutorials,they seemed quite good for me ,but I think it's just wtf ,because first tutorial - like 500 lines of codes,who in the world can understand it with a bit of explanation?   I really need some tutorials !Would be amazing ,if these weren't the books ,because as english is forign language for me , it would be hard to learn it by reading that  books =/