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  1. Hm.. I had call to Receiver function 10-50 times per frame in Game Render function and there aren't any lags. Thank you very much for help :)
  2.   Exactly. I have done some tests. In 10 seconds I can:   - receive 390 packets in the game render function - receive 4000 packets in the thread   It's very big difference. 390 packets in 10 seconds its very little and it can make some lags example for 20 players. Server sends to one client 100 packets per second, not per frame, so client can receive only 390 packets in 10 seconds (should receive 1000 packets) which I could process them. My only option is just receive in the thread and make safe queue?
  3. Server sends many packets to one client example 100 packets/one second when client can receive only 40 packets/one second because client is handling packets in render function which reaches 40fps. In some minutes it makes big lag and client can't apply these packets to the game (can not keep up). I can't at the same time receive packets in thread and apply these informations to the game because it makes some problems in client's program and does crashes. I would receive packets in thread (it's much faster than game render function) and apply informations from packets received in thread to the game, but it's some strange method and makes a lot of not needed redirects thread->gameRenderFunction. What can I do with this? How work other multiplayer games, these receive packets in thread and apply them to the game render function? How it looks like?