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  1. OpenGL

    The first one is wierd i icant understand in for example: in thr firt ch its says "Next copy the files (usually .h, .cpp, .vs, .ps, and a data folder) into the folder it created in your project directory called "Engine/Engine" What file?where do i get them?   its just stupid
  2. OpenGL

    i dont know c# for Unity3D and i dont want to know. i know c++ and mybe the begining of java(but i dont wwana program with this) if you have a engine or somthug easier for c++ i would be happy
  3. OpenGL

      My problme is not on any subject. my problme is this first of all i have a problme with the english ... Its not my main lang. second when I read something ,almost on 90% of the cases i forget it i just how i was born. I nead the combo of seeing and hearing to understand something no mather what it is becase if for example i go online for a written tut so i find myself copy every thing line by line.. But if i watch a tut in youtube i can understand what the meaning of this code.   I hope you understood and you an help me =)
  4. OpenGL

    Well then you have some serious problems  (that's a joke no offence intended). I still think there's no better thing than books or a tutor when learning but whatever. I asked what you find hard exactly - like what exactly did you have a problem with in the chapter you read?  I on the first chapter of "Beginning OpenGL Game Programming"....
  5. OpenGL

    Can you give a more concrete example? Like exactly what did you read these 5 minutes and what you didn't understand?   Its not on one book only i almost EVERY book iread no mather waht the subject is programming,desaign,math,physucs ot just a book tjat i took from school
  6. OpenGL

    are really vague - it's really hard for people to guess what you have a problem with. Can you define better what you find hard - 3d concepts, maths for 3d, GPU usage, device and context concepts etc.?   I don't mean to discourage you, but the problem you have isn't really defined - I can find anything hard - but others can't help me even if they are willing if I can't even define what I find "hard".  I have this problme that when i am reading a book after 5 minutes of reading i notice that i didnt understad nothing and its not only in programming book its on every book I read its just too hart for me to understand from a book
  7. OpenGL

      I can not concentrate in the book i nead to hear that. only sse its no good for me that why I asked for videos or Skype 101 and btw  i dont want any glut or glew or anything else i want to know pure opengl
  8. OpenGL

    I've finished learninig all the c++ basics and i think i want to go to the next level.. so i decided to start learning OpenGL so i got the book "Beginning OpenGL Game Programming" And i couldn't understent anything from it(i cant foucse its to hard for me ) So i am thinknig maybe any one of you mye give me a great VIDEO series or thech me himself (via Skype).   So.. Can anyone help me?        
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