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  1. Yeah thanks, I was looking at Unity ... So how does a framework like Unity compare performance-wise to a lower level language like C++ with SDL ? Is there is significant speed/lag difference that users would notice ? Also would unity be suitable for building a game lobby where users can pick a game to sit on ?
  2. What Framework , API is best for creating an online 2D desktop game ( multiplayer ) ?   I started studying XNA but I am discouraged because the book tells me that XNA studio has to be installed on any computer PC using the built app . I can't really expect that from the users .   I have some programming experience ( mostly web and database ) but i am new to games and online games . Trying to find tutorials , books etc. best to learn from to build what I want .
  3. building online game

    What I am really looking for is a tutorial or book that explains how to make an online game ... anything like that anyone can recommend ?
  4. Moving this to another forum ... sorry .
  5. building online game

    Hi , I have some programming experience mostly web development and database and some C++ .   I am interested in developing an online multiplayer game . It won't be 3D just a simple 2D thing . Where do I start to learn how to do it ? What frameworks and books are best right now ? I need something not too low level , i don't want to code with assembly language . Something high level . It  needs to be 2D and multiplayer and desktop windows application . I was looking at the book "Multiplayer Gaming and Engine Coding for the Torque Game Engine" . Is this a good place to start ?