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    Free Games/Programs

    Now, I'm thinking about writing some LL embedded graphics tutorials for gamedev. Should I? What do you think? ;)
  2. starpower

    Free Games/Programs

    TheChubu: Just checked out your terrain generator. Good work, bro! :)
  3. starpower

    Free Games/Programs

    Just so you know, CodeVu includes 33+ royalty-free icons all created by hand. Just want to share with my game/graphics programming friends :)   PS: Thanks to Andre Lamothe. He has inspired me so much. I've been reading his books since I was a little kid on Commodore64, playing Sega games (Shinobi, Alex Kidd), 20+ years ago ;)
  4. starpower

    Free Games/Programs

    Again, I wanted to apologize for being different than you. I am so sorry that I'm unlike you and everyone else on Earth. Please find it your heart to forgive me for being different.
  5. starpower

    Free Games/Programs

    Hi, fellow game/graphics programmers! ;) Just wanted to share my games/programs with anyone who cares. Previews... * Art program I made with my custom programming language (in only 600+ lines!): http://sungod777.zxq.net/miniart.zip * CodeVu (Cool! You'll love this one!): http://sungod777.zxq.net/codevu.zip * ARM GameBoy Advance programming (Just toying around): http://sungod777.zxq.net/z77gba.zip I am an old-school ASM programmer from the 90s - please don't hate/reject me for that reason - and I'm a compiler maker (X86+ARM+MIPS), master of machine code. Please forgive me for being different. I've got so much love to give and all I want to do is share my love with the world. Is it ok with you? May I please have your permission?
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