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  1. Marketing Tips and Tricks

    Hi mate, sadly I haven't done any Kickstarter campaign personally Nevertheless, I came back from Mobile Gaming USA West conference last week and there was this guy with his keynote, claiming they had the most successful mobile game Kickstarter campaign ever. He said that everything is about early momentum and if you cannot raise a decent amount of money in the first few days, you are pretty much screwed. So they supported themselves and they asked all of their friends and family to fund this campaign. However, I can't say if this is gonna work. BTW, published a new article about mind-blowing mobile app development facts. Enjoy reading.
  2. Marketing Tips and Tricks

    I have started a dedicated blog to help all indie developers and wrote this article about mobile game marketing. Please, feel free to start discussion or add a new tips and tricks or ask any questions about promoting your new games. I'll gladly help :)
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