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    Starting out - Game programming questions

    Thank you guys, you've been of much help! I've started with the 21 day C++ book. Then I will move on to game coding complete, and then do the exercises and help other people before moving on to dx9 3d fps book.
  2. RomTimon

    Starting out - Game programming questions

    Thank you very much for your time. I'm going to hop on to that book ASAP and follow your advice. However, what do you think about this book? Heard its pretty good too   Also, after I finish reading the books you linked, should I move to reading   I've also heard its great.   What can I read or do to actually apply the knowledge from the books read to game development? Thank you!
  3. RomTimon

    Starting out - Game programming questions

    why does everyone suggest C# btw. for example here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/642527-what-programming-language-should-i-go-with-cc-or-java/
  4. RomTimon

    Starting out - Game programming questions

    Thanks for your opinion, I will start considering C++ then. Any good books fitting under for C++?   I am going to develop for Windows. Perhaps a few small projects for Windows Phone 8, but nothing serious.   I prefer to get a good solid foundation, so C++ seems the way to go, but I would be very frustrated by the lack of achievement, if there is nothing I can apply my knowledge to...
  5. Hello. Currently, I am a full-time web designer (or webmaster, whatever), but I want to go in to game development in the future. Right now, I am willing to learn all I can in the free time from my job. So atm, all i know is some PHP/CSS/HTML. Obviously, that has nothing to do with game development. Which is why I am here. From what I understood, C++ is a pretty good solid language for programming anything, but I think I will go with C# to start out, and if necessary, learn the C++ later on (Unless you will explain me a reason why I should not start with C#).   I do not want to just know how to program games, but that is my primary objective. So, if there is some kind of a book or course I can take that introduces the reader step by step to programming games with C# (or w/e other language you suggest me), but does not forget to explain the language itself, please give me a link to download/buy. Basically, a C# (or..) tutorial book, which covers the language and teaches how to apply that knowledge to game programming. I am a beginner in such programming, so I need to know the basics too. But I do want to apply that knowledge to game development ASAP.   My longterm goal is to participate in creating a great MMORPG. I am completely aware of the fact that I can not make an MMO just from the start. I intend to participate in creating one, but not now. That is my GOAL, not what I am trying to do right now. Right now, I am willing to learn everything necessary for that. I want to build several small games, perhaps a small 3d rpg too, before moving on.   I have tried HeroEngine for several weeks about a year ago, to get the idea of what the game consists of. That made me understand the huge amount of work that is necessary to create a good game (and epic amounts of work for an MMORPG). Its for sure not for a beginner, and not for one person. A week ago, I downloaded Unity and learnt the basics of using this game engine, but I quickly understood that I will need to learn to program, before even considering to do something good. So, here I am.   So, am I right that I need to spend some time reading C# books and tutorials before going back to the unity3d engine? Or should I just jump in?   At this moment, I have the "The C# Programming Language, 4th edition - 2010" Book by Anders Hejlsberg. I think it is one of the best for learning C#, but it has  nothing to do with game development.   So, what will you suggest?   Thanks!
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