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  1. I think you are over-estimating the general public. Most people just play games, they are not at all involved in the game dev community. I would be shocked if you even recieved a comment about using stock material outside of here or another form of dev social media.
  2. 2d Game Art Assets - Zombie Pirates

    I had a look at indie-gamestock.com, does anyone know if that business is successful? I would have thought part of the point of building a game was to create the visuals... It's hands down my favourite part, at least.   If it is a worthy niche, you are going to want to have a blog that is optimised to drive targeted search traffic. Do a bit of research on SEO and then find a niche for your game-stock. I don't imagine there being a huge amount of people creating zombie pirate game-stock out there so you might be able to make a bit of coin.