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  1. Thank God music is subjective. I loved this piece and had no problem with the ostinato; it added a tone of excitement to it. I love it when music tells a story and gives you pictures, this one definitely did. I don't like the word "Twilight" though, for relatively obvious reasons.   Keep up the good work, mate!
  2. Hi, Nathan is right, none of these work. Unless that's your idea, absolute silence, hah... I'm funny. No, not really. I did a quick search on Google: "Creepy Space Ship Music". First hit was a Youtube sample from "Dead Space" and wow, that's some creepy stuff.  Please fix your links so we can give you proper feedback.
  3. Hi! The guitar is a little raw, if that makes sense, and maybe a little too distinct. The same with the flute, it's like someone is playing literally into my ear. I'd try to lower their volume and perhaps add some reverb to it/them. Otherwise, good stuff, really enjoyed the piano bits. 
  4. Hey, I'm quite new myself to this craft. When I first got to this forum I read Nathan Madsen's thread "Creating SFX", you should check it out :) http://www.gamedev.net/topic/523411-creating-sfx/   Also, you could check out Flashkit if you want free SFX, though Nathan might have thing or two to say about free stuff :)   Good luck and have fun!  
  5. Hi!  I'm a big fan of the Yoshida Brothers who have a very similar style to this; check out their song "Rising" in particular. They also have other songs that are good where they mix the typical western rock with their traditional indigenous music. I personally think that such fusions rarely mix well with the electric guitar. Bass and the percussion however, fits perfectly. 
  6. Hi, Tilda!  I'd like to just say that I absolutely loved the part between 1:27 - 1:44 in your reel, I want to listen to it over and over again. It reminds me of the Silent Hill soundtrack if you're familiar with it. Other than that, I did think some of the transitions were a little abrupt, and the reel a little too short; I'd like to hear more from you. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!
  7. Hello! Just wanted to drop this link. It's made by one of the story artists of Pixar. I love to write and found lots of good tips here: http://aerogrammestudio.com/2013/03/07/pixars-22-rules-of-storytelling/ Hope this is of any help to you, Jeremy -or anybody else for that matter. Enjoy!
  8. Hi! I've listened to the track quite a few times. I don't know if this is much for feedback, but I'll tell you what came to me during the song while imagining a post-apocalyptic world.  0:00-0:20= Unknown territory, feeling uneasy, danger. 0:21-0:54= Rising to the challenge, bravery, rising spirits. 0:55-end = Lowering of moral, lost, uncertainty.   I play and record a lot on my guitar - and it was nice playing- however, I did think it was rather prominently to my right. Could it be an idea to place the guitarist in front and more amongst the orchestra, if that makes sense? I see you have in your requirements to "show case the guitar parts; I reckon that criteria was listed by the employer? All in all, I think it's a good track. Well done, mate.
  9. Hi! I hate to copy paste links, I might be the lazy one, but I reckon you'd get a couple of more listeners if you had a "click-link". Anyway, the demo I got introduced to straight away, was really really catchy; it was a great teaser and really made me venture further into what you guys make. I like the stuff you guys produce, it sounds professional and something that I'd definitely apply in a game. You have a bearable length on your show reel, though anything over ten minutes is usually stretching it.  Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hi! This here is good stuff in the "Old School" segment. Brings back memories, especially to Megaman for some reason.
  11. Hi! I have a strong opinion about the break after the "Haha"-vocal. Leave it, It fits perfectly! I really enjoyed your piece; it reminded me about Basement Jaxx, so you must be doing something right. I think the percussion is fantastic, though I think maybe some bass would do some good, it's very sharp now. Other than that, thanks for reminding me about Basement Jaxx and keep up the good work!
  12. Hi, you!  First of all, I'd like to say; we're all lazy. To copy paste your link is usually a hazzle, but I still did it :)  Now, the music. I listened to most of your show reel, which for a starter is a little too long. My patience usually gets worn out after about 10 mins or so. Try picking out your absolute favourites, and only include them. These are the songs I felt the need to comment: Peaceful Village: It starts out OK, but at 2:00 and onwards I'm getting the feeling that something bad is about to happen or just happened, and to me that doesn't mix with the title. Other than the title clash, I'm happy with it; It sets a mood, though maybe not a peaceful one.  Medieval Village: I like the birds and I like the flute. It gave me the sense of being in medieval England, kinda like Robin Hood; until the drums kicked in - then I got warped into Africa. Halloween Scare: It's a good track. However, I think a more distinct bass sound would make it even more scary. All in all, I think the music is good. Thanks for sharing, and I hope I haven't been too crude!
  13. I clicked your link and suddenly remembered that I'm not very fond of Dubstep. However I still istened to it and I really liked the part that kicks in around 1:00. In an overall composer perspective, I think there's a lot of talent here. Hope you're in other genres as well.
  14. Nice track, mate! I really like the use of string instruments in this one. Can I ask what DAW you have?
  15. A quick comment on the Sion Tower - Tema Principal; A struck of genius at 2:11, but it dies again at 2:14. The way you all of sudden mellowed down was beautiful, I just wish you'd stay there for a while.