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  1.   Hey Kryzon, you can design this sound pretty much with any VSTI (Virtual instrument) synth combining with sequence of different pitch. Then you add a nice subtle reverb and delay effect. Hope that helped out :)
  2. Hey thanks for nice words guys. Really appreciated it :) I think you can get the game on Android as well. I googled it and I think you can even download free on this site. http://www.1mobile.com/dot-line-free-357724.html\
  3. Hey guys,  Wanted to share that one of the game apps that used our music got charted no.2 in Itunes Store game chart.  The App is called "Dot Line" and it's quite addicting. Highly recommended. I put the video up on the youtube. Check it out :)  
  4. Supa sounds

    Looking for feedback on my game music library

    There are 6 members consisting of sound designers and composers. 
  5. Supa sounds

    Looking for feedback on my game music library

    Oops. The link only worked for one song. This is the real link to our game music library demo.     http://snd.sc/115NsnT
  6. Supa sounds

    Looking for feedback on my game music library

    Hey, thanks~   I use many synths (analog, vintage, digital) including Moog, Juno, Oberheim, etc and I am a big fan of 500 series for mixing. Our current favorite is Chandler little devil, Neve EQ, Xpressor, Serpent Audio. 
  7. Supa sounds

    Looking for feedback on my game music library

      Thanks for another great words. Really appreciate it!  And of course, I would be glad to share my production process.  First, I go through many games / screenshot and try to gaze the vibe from them, then usually I start playing melody with the piano.  I generally use Logic Pro for composition and I have a template for each music genre. I try to record as much as possible rather than do it all in Midi/Virtual Instruments  for more natural feel and better audio quality.  Especially when mixing tracks, I try to mix with outboard gear as much as possible. It's not as easy as using plug ins but certainly gives me more aural satisfaction :)
  8. Supa sounds

    Looking for feedback on my game music library

      Hey Thanks for the comment!  Great to hear that you like the music :) I fixed the link and it should be clickable now. All of our music is composed to be looped seamlessly so we made sure our music to be compact/full sounding. 
  9. Hello, I've been checking out this forum for few weeks now and finally  wanted to introduce myself to you guys. Me and my friends are currently working on music game and I'm looking forward to get a lot of advice from you guys soon   We are also doing music library service that is specifically composed for games or mobile game apps.  If you are looking for seamless music loops without any hassle of royalty issues and other drama, please take a look at our music library site. www.supasounds.net Here is the link to some demo excerpt from our library.  I would love to hear what your thoughts on this.    http://snd.sc/115NsnT       Thanks!      
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