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  1. Pan Ip

    BaBaBear Boom

  2. Pan Ip

    BaBaBear Boom

    update: add a video
  3. Pan Ip

    BaBaBear Boom

    because we are under development, and we will update more screenshot and video later^^ thank for your suggestion~^^
  4. Pan Ip

    BaBaBear Boom

      we are a small game developing team (only 2 people... Orz) and we are developing a shooting game call BaBaBear Boom~ it a shooting game about bear and monkey~ if anyone have some advice, let me know^^   Game Description: A lot of dragon was caught by monkeys, monkeys seem to have some evil plan! At that time, BaBaBear appeared, fight together with BaBaBear, and rescue dragons!   Features: - A lot of droping items - Epic Boss Battle - Feed System: get powerful item inside your foods - Collection: collect and upgrade your items - Game Center Leaderboards integration   Join and fight together now!   [media]https:[/media]   our blog: http://www.simplexcode.net here is project page: Click here to view the project   iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id702178407
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