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  1. Well I suppose to start things off, does anyone need help with any writing aspects of their games? I'm available to help! 


    Thanks for the feedback Sky Warden, Like you advise, I'm currently looking to join or contribute to someone's indie game project to build up a portfolio, so seems I am thinking in the right direction. 


    You understood what I meant by format. I was wondering if I should be familiar with say, script writing, wiki writing, etc. Your tip about writing down everything sounds like a very basic thing I would have never thought of on my own! As you mentioned, I'm a fiction writer and it can feel like I am showing all my cards when I provide so many minute details, but looks like it's something I'll have to adapt to.

  2. Hi, I've been writing for years, but am now looking to write and develop games. As a beginner I have to ask...

    Where do I start? 


    Currently I am looking to help work on short or simple games for the likes of Android/iOS etc. It doesn't seem like writers are in high demand for video games. Should I be willing to work on writing outside of the actual storyline of the game? for example, writing for the game's website, press releases, instruction manuals, etc. Would that just pigeon hole me into working on things that are not in-game, or would small developers appreciate the diversity of the things I would write?


    I also want to know if there are any programs or writing formats I should become more familiar with if I want to write for video games.



  3. I'm sure that each system will eventually have a game I really want, buy when that will be seems so far away. With lengthy development cycles, a game built from the ground up on the new gen systems likely won't hit the market for a few more years. 


    That said, when those games do come out, and with a price drop (I'm broke) I hope to eventually have the Wii U, and either the PS4 or XBOne, but leaning more toward XBOne right now since I am not too happy with my PS3 these days.

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