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  1. Hi people ! I have a game making project in my college, and I wanted a little help about how to go on about it. So let me first describe the project. I have made a box filling game using python and pygame, so i know how to make UI, and the game programming. Apart from it, I know C language. I don't know JAVA and other stuff as yet, but if needed i can try that.     Phase 1: Make a GUI game, LUDO in which, 2 or 4 people can play against each other, through net login. If possible, do something so that these players can play this game through their browser, like online games are done. I saw one of my classmates implemented a version where the game would ask the ip of the computer to play against, and then these two people can play together online, but this idiot won't tell me how she did it.   Phase 2: Add another mode to the game, to play against computer. If chosen to play against the computer, the game should behave as an artificially intelligent player to play against a human.   I need help regarding this. First of all, as yet, i have decided to use python and pygame for it. But i really don't have any idea whether it's a good choice or not, how i'm going to implement these things, etc. Please suggest an approach to complete the game. Eg:- You should use this "blah blah" language, because it has "blah blah" feature, which will help you. Then you can implement it online using "blah blah" thing. also this language will make it easier for AI programming... etc. I hope you get the idea what i want to really ask. Please help.