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  1. OK . I have find the reason.... when I use ShowWindow(g_hMainWnd, SW_NORMAL); It fail  ...... When I use ShowWindow(g_hMainWnd, SW_RESTORE); It success. 3Q
  2. hi there. I have a problem when I want to resize the windows size .I adjust the windows size and then use reset function to reset the device . It success in d3d debug mode but fail in d3d retail mode.... and the reset function return      HRESULT: 0xfaacfaca (4205640394) Name: Unknown Description: n/a Severity code: Failed Facility Code: Unknown (6828) Error Code: 0xfaca (64202)   I don't know why it's fail and I don't know any way to find the reason because there are nothing to ouput the retail mode.... Do you have any ideas.thank you .