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  1. Game programming - books?

      I actually have that sitting right next to me. I've only gotten a few chapters in and I do a little bit of it here and there, but I'm wondering if I can continue with Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 without really comprehending the entirety of it or if I should really wait until my math is there. I'm fairly impatient and have been longing to get acquainted with DirectX for a long time... and in general I feel that I'm very competent with math, I've gone through calculus and discrete math previously (although I'm redoing it again soon).
  2. Game programming - books?

    I managed to get through the vector math chapter, but some of the matrix transformations seem to go over my head. I mostly get it and I got through the pre-req chapters. Do you think I'll just get more used to it as I go through the book?
  3. Game programming - books?

    I have both Game Coding Complete and Frank's DirectX 11 book. Which would you recommend I work through first? Someone else said to do DirectX first. Any advice would be awesome, they're both huge tombs of info. I'd consider myself a barely-intermediate c++ programmer. I know the basics of rtti, memory pooling, object factories, templates, the stl, etc. etc.