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  1. I'm planning on making a medieval town in SketchUp to be imported into Unity but I know people have had trouble with SketchUp. I know how to fix the face orientation problem (where some faces would be flipped and appear transparent), and I also have the pro version meaning I can export as obj. 3ds. fbx. and many others.  I also know how to use the group tool to prevent meshes from getting too redundant (see pic). However I know SketchUp creates meshes and texture maps differently than other programs and I'm wondering if this could lead to optimization problems.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.    
  2. I realize this may vary depending on the production value of the game and if the game is free or not.  I’m starting a project as a level designer and am tempted to buy models but I thought that would make the game look cheap.  This isn’t a matter of model quality though.  I’m aware that there are good and bad models out there.  What I am worried about is that the models would stand out and people would recognize them as other people’s work.  I looked around but could not find much debate over the subject.